Taylor's been adopted! (wild cheering)

We think her new mommie and daddie are just perfect for her,
and we're delighted that she has such a good home now.

This is our Pet Orphans foster dog Taylor.

Taylor is an eager, energetic puppy. She tries very hard to please. She's about 8 months old (a very calm and obedient 8 monthsold puppy). We've had her for a month; before that, she was rescued from the pound by Pet Orphans. She is now crate trained and housetrained.

She is cute and sweet, with a deep-sounding (ferocious!) bark that should be good for scaring off anyone who doesn't know that she's so friendly! When she's praised or playing, her tail wags so vigorously that it goes round in circles.

She is learning very quickly ("sit," "lie down," "upstairs" and "downstairs," "outside," and so on (she really likes "lunch"). She's a very good girl, and loves to hear it. She delights in attention, and loves to be loved and cuddled.

She loves water. We have a wading pool that she will lie down in, covered in water up to her ears.

She is a little skittish and submissive; though she's tall, she's still just an uncertain baby. In a home where she is reassured and loved, she will be the most devoted and loyal, happy, friendly dog. She doesn't always play very well with dogs who want to wrestle; it sometimes scares her. She is learning this too.

For her part, Taylor tries to be gentle. She will be, when she has outgrown her puppy clumsiness. She will most likely always be a big energetic dog, but someday she will be a big, calm dog who is willing to take our her energy running around outside, or on walks.

She's a very good car dog. She just sits or lays right down, and doesn't move or make a sound until you ask her to get out of the car.

She's teething a bit, but will usually just chew on toys that she's been given. She likes stuffed animals a lot. I bought my dogs a bunch at a thrift store; as long as they don't have any buttons that can be chewed off and swallowed, they're great. She doesn't shred the stuffed animals; she just chews on them--and she is very good about only chewing on toys that she's been given (not the walls or the furniture, like my dogs did when they were teething!)

She mostly just wants to lay in your lap and be petted and rubbed. (She has no idea that her whole body won't fit in a human's lap!)

I've been feeding her six cups of puppy food (Purina Puppy Chow) a day, in three meals. This could easily be reduced to two meals. I've been feeding her as much as I dare--she was so skinny, but if she eats too much or too quickly it will make her sick.

She's such a good girl. She'll be so happy as a family pet, with people all to herself.

For pictures of the dogs she's been living and playing with, go see my dogs' page.