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Pitr's an eager, snuggly bundle of happy. He was nastily abused just before he came to us for foster care--and you wouldn't know it at all. He trusts, cuddles, and bounces just like any other puppy his age.

He's a delight to be around, to play with, and to watch playing. It's a bit early to tell what he'll be like when he "grows up" and "settles down"--except to guess that it's going to be a LONG time before he "settles down." He'll be a big, playful boy until then.

Pitr's a puppy still, which means that he has NO idea where he's putting his mouth or his feet. He's awfully friendly, but so clumsy! He'll get it worked out eventually, but until then, he probably won't get along well with small children, small animals, etc. (He currently isn't allowed to play with the little puppies here, because he is too clumsy.)

He's learned that licking is *much* better than biting, and tries not to bite anymore--but he still plays with his mouth open and his marbled tongue hanging out in any direction. He sometimes hits me with his teeth, but he's not trying to bite--he's just, as I said, puppy-clumsy.