No real pics of these little guys yet;
they're too fast to get good pics with the digital camera!

Here's the pic from the Pet Orphans page:

They're utter cuties, and sooo attached to each other.
They play so happily.
They make us smile--but of course they're puppies, with all the associated drawbacks thereof.

Elliot is noticeably bigger than Peaches (tho I _forgot_ to weigh them last weekend...oops. Sorry). Both love to cuddle in your lap. Elliot tries to put on a show of being big and boisterous, but Peaches is actually the one who will do more independant exploring and wandering.

When they sleep, they cuddle together. They play tug-of-war and chase and tumble with each other. They also play quite happily with our other foster dog Daisy and the other big dogs; they're not shy!

They're learning their names, and usually come when I whistle. They're learning that there are some things that I say that mean for them to doooo something; like "get down" or "jumpo up," or "sit." It's a new concept for them (they're just babies)but they're picking it up well.

At their foster home, they do very very well in a crate. Their foster mommy works at home, so they get to go outside lots and lots during the day. They've definitely caught on to the idea that they ought to "do their business" outside--but they don't know how to ask to go outside, so we still have a few accidents now and then.

They get stronger and bolder every day; they have both decided that they are perfectly willing to tackle the stairs; going UP _and_ DOWN both. Adventurous!

They love toys, particularly toys that rattle. In that, they're very like our own "purebred" (rescued, so he has no pedigree on hand) cocker. They like to jump up onto things, like the ottoman we have downstairs for the dog to play on. Elliot particularly is developing the same elevated trot that our cocker Galahad has; some of our friends have said it makes them think of a Clydesdale!