Adopted! To a delightful home. We wish Misty and her new mommie all the best.

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We brought Misty home on 1-13-00 after all THREE of our previous foster dogs were adopted on the same day. Misty is very like Lily (see above); she is timid around people. She wants to give affection, and very much wants to get it back, but is nervous. After one week with her, I consider it a milestone that she will not flinch from a casual caress.

Now, after two weeks here, she has begun to occasionally come inside of her own accord (but not always); will voluntarily come up to me for affection, and has begun timidly trying to play with the toys.

Misty enjoys running around in the yard with our dogs (both large and small). She does not, however, seem to care for toys! My guess is that she has never had any. It's very confusing to our dogs; they consider toys an integral part of the "running, chasing, can't-catch-me" game. Still, they seem to all be enjoying themselves.

Though Misty enjoys playing outside, she would be much, much happier in an apartment, where she was only taken outside on a leash. Without a leash, she is afraid to come back inside. She will stand at the open door and cry until I get a leash put on her; then she drags me in with her.

It's taken some time for her to start to trust me, but now she wants to sit with me all the time. She enjoys being held on my lap and cuddled. She sits beside my computer chair as long as I'm working. She has even jumped up and given me a very gentle "hug."

Misty will always need patience and calmness. She should not go to a home with active children, or even other very active dogs. She should never be harshly punished; it would undo any sense of trust she has gained.

Misty is a sweet sweet girl, and will be a loving, dedicated, loyal, very attached pet. She is ready to firmly bond with someone who can give her the affection she deserves.

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