Adopted! Ana was adopted by a family who adores her. We're delighted for her!

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Ana was rescued in her eleventh hour from a local shelter. The employees at the shelter begged for Pet Orphans to save her--and once you've met her, it's clear why. This absolutely gorgeous girl has a glowing personality to match her striking exterior.

Within five minutes of meeting her, I was handling her babies. Her only response was to watch, not even nervously--perhaps even proudly? she does get defensive about the puppies when the other dogs are around...but she is quite happy to let us play with them.

She's utterly trusting; I could do anything with her. I have picked her up and laid her down inside the puppy pen (too many puppies blocking the entrance) so her babies could nurse. She didn't squirm or struggle, just aligned herself as I put her.

When not preoccupied with her pups, Ana is brightly affectionate. She comes right up to my chair and sits as close to me as she can, then puts her head in my lap. She looks up at me with pleading puppy-dog eyes, begging for attention... And she dances around with joy when she gets the attention for which she pleads.

Ana is brightly intelligent. She learns quickly, and has the will to please. She's much more focussed on the people in the house than on the other dogs in the house, but she is starting to play a little--but not so much that she loses track of the puppies.

Update: The puppies are weaned now, and Ana can play with them without worrying about being glomped for nursing. She's stopped being concerned about them playing with the big dogs, so has relaxed a lot. Since she's not nursing them anymore, she's gaining weight and looks great.

Now that she doesn't have to worry about nursing the puppies, Ana has also managed to make herself entirely housetrained--she didn't even need any instruction from us. She's a delight to have around. We hope she can soon be adopted by someone who can give her the time that her bright personality deserves.