Our Dogs:

Tessa Pictures (TessaRact)
Tessa was my first dog; I picked her up after she was dumped on the side of the road as a 2mo old puppy.

Saedy Pictures (SaedyBear)
When I started having to spend more time away from home (classes, etc) I realized that Tessa would be badly off; she suffers from
separation anxiety. So I got her a dog. Saedy was rescued also, from an animal shelter with only two days left to go.
Saedy is my maternal puppy. She takes care of everyone; plays gently, teaches new foster dogs, breaks up potential fights. She even comes in to make sure I'm all right when I'm taking a bath.

Galahad Pictures (Sir Galahad the Cute)
A month after our wedding, I surprised John with an eight month old puppy. Galahad came from Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Georgia. We'd been talking about getting a cocker spaniel, but didn't want a new dog till after our honeymoon.
Galahad is the most precious puppy in this world. He's adorable and sweet and mischevious--and in play-fights, he can take on all the big dogs and WIN! Galahad is convinced that he's the huge Great Dane of the house, protecting his territory and his family. He tries to warn visitors off, and will even lunge to attack people he thinks are threatening! We're careful, of course,to make sure that he does not hurt anyone. He's small enough to pick up, after all, so we just hold him until we convince him that each new person is a friend. (grin)

George Pictures (George of the Jungle)
I made the mistake of mentioning that I'd really liked George when I'd seen him at an adoption day, and so would take him if he needed a foster home. Next time, I don't ask for a specific foster dog!
We adore George, and he thinks he our baby. He and our dogs love each other to pieces--and he's madly in love with my SaedyBear. One adoption day, someone asked if George was available for adoption, and John gave in and said we had to keep him!

Foster Dogs:

We foster dogs for Forgotten Paws.
This means that we feed them, care for them, train them, and love them.
We also take them out to Adoption Days at a local PetsMart.
It's such a joyful event when one finds the *perfect* home.

We just (late March 2003) adopted out two collie/grehound (?) mixes;
they both looked like the one in front here:

Here they are together, but you can't see the one in back well:

Buddy & Sam are brothers who grew up on the same farm, but in different pens--
completely opposite personalities (outgoing and timid).
They both got fantastic homes.

We currently have Hannah:

I think she's a boxer mix; she certainly has typical boxer energy.
She's sweet and very, very cuddly. Just watch out for that swishing tail!
She has very strong jaws and looooves to chew. She has just now destroyed a tennis ball.
Given her own toys, she hasn't been chewing on inappropriate items (furniture, clothes, walls...)
She's a good girl.

Previous Foster Dogs

Taylor Pictures
Our first foster dog, Taylor was a sweetie. We picked up the 7mo old pup
at the same time as Galahad. She was great; a _huge_ dog, with so much love to give.
She went to a great couple who were looking for... well... for her! Adopted!

No pictures of this beagle, but then he only stayed with us for 3 days.
The dogs despised the very sight of him, and we didn't like him much
either. We think perhaps it's the "small dog" mentality that he had;
he just didn't get along in a home of big dogs. So we asked them
to let us take a different foster dog. Adopted!

Adeline   Adeline image 2
Adeline didn't work out too well either, sadly. We had her for two weeks,
and she was *great*; then she was adopted. While there, she bit their cat
so they brought her back the next day... and she was just never the same.
Several days later she went ballistic on Tessa. Saedy & I together
couldn't get her to calm down. She just kept lunging for Tess.
I still don't know what got into her--but when Tessa lost her temper
and started lunging back, she had Adeline down on the ground
within a minute with her jaws at Adeline's throat. At that point,
for her safety, we exchanged Adeline for a new foster dog.

The next foster, of course, was George. He's still here :)

I don't seem to have any pictures of Lily! How sad :( She was an odd one.
Her circumstances upon rescue were enough to make me sick... and as far
as I could tell, she'd never had any affection in her whole life.
Despite her history of neglect and abuse, Lily was *still* loving, outgoing, and cuddly.

We finally convinced her to trust us, and to realize that we'd
give her back the affection she lavished so generously. After helping her to that point,
she was adopted by a wonderful gentleman who'd lost his own
beloved dog a few months before. His girlfriend was making him consider
adopting a new dog, because he was so depressed. I could see
that he adored Lily and she adored him back. I'm certain that
he is just the perfect home for her. Adopted!

Pretty Copper Penny Pictures
Penny came home with us for a week.
She's a sweet, sedate little 1yr old Beagle/Basset mix.
(A bagle!)
She also got along well with all of the dogs here,
and was born to be a loving lap dog. Adopted!

Peaches and Elliot
Two little puppies that we temporarily had to help relieve the overcrowding. Adopted!

Dazy Daisy Pictures
Daisy (my preferred spelling is Dazy ;) is about a year old
and has the mentality of a 3 month old--and she's HUGE! This is a real dog.
Not only is she bouncy and playful, she's got to be the most
optimistic creature I've ever met. To her, everything is happiness.
Daisy (now Sadie) went to a delightful family who plan to spoil her delirious. We're so happy for her! Adopted!

We brought Misty home on 1-13-00 after all THREE of our previous foster dogs were adopted on the same day. Misty is very like Lily (see elsewhere on this page); she is timid around people. She wants to give affection, and very much wants to get it back, but is nervous. After one week with her, I consider it a milestone that she will not flinch from a casual caress. With one more week, I think she should be ready for a new home.
Later update: At adoptions last weekend, a lovely lady came to look at Misty. It was love at first sight for Mist; she melted into her new mommie's lap and went right home with her that day. Adopted!

the lost Princess Anastasia
Ana and her 2-week old babies were rescued in the 11th hour from a local shelter. Ana looks ever so much like a wolf,
but has a loving companion-type personality. Adopted!

Pitr Piccys
Pitr is a 6 month old red/white husky mix. He's already a big boy. He was rescued from an abusive home. Despite his past treatment from humans, he is a soft, floppy, happy, bouncy boy. He's shown rather a lot of intelligence, and nothing but friendliness and affection for our dogs and all the people he's encountered.
Update on Pitr from his new family. Adopted!
Sunday, 07-29-01, we adopted out Sparkle (the puppy) and Frisky.

Anastasia and ALL EIGHT of her puppies were adopted by June 2001!

Update on Lou, the first puppy to be adopted.

Snickers, a 100-lb "border collie" mix (yea right--mixed with St. Bernard, maybe!) Snickers is a very obedient, very sweet lap dog. He doesn't like to be outside much; he just wants to be sitting watching "his people." Snickers knows "sit," "lay down," "shake," and "jump up." He's very well housetrained. He loves to wag and wag when he's being petted. Adopted!

Jason, a 70-lb black lab mix. Jason's only about 11 months old, but the most gentle dog I've ever met. He looooooves attention. He would be great for a family with kids. He also just loves water, and playing with other dogs. He'll chew right through his toys, so I recommend strong toys or cheap ones. Adopted!

Phoenix, a gorgeous 7-yr-old silver husky. He's not old by any means, but he's not young anymore either. He prefers quiet affection to the ruckus of all the dogs playing here! He is very talkative once he warms up to you (the husky "wow wow woo") and just loves to be with "his" people. Adopted!

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