I guess I'll tell you something about John :)

He's ever-so sweet and considerate. More, we have a tendency to think alike; we often come to the same conclusions on a topic, before discussing it (it's been a little eerie sometimes). Most importantly, we have a lot of fun; our personalities mesh well, and we thoroughly enjoy each other's presence. I love him quite a bit.

John is the son of two professors of business at the University of Florida. He has three younger brothers, ranging from 4 to 14 years younger than he. John graduated from Georgia Tech in December of 1998, and discovered the atrociousness of working for a government contractor at Lockheed-Martin Aerospace. He now works at Comstock, where he does much more real programming and enjoys life ever so much more.

I'm Galadriel; I'm a sometimes physics major at Georgia Tech. I've been fighting chronic illness which sometimes makes me unable to attend school for a term or two.
To fight off boredom during these times, I've started making leathercrafts at home.

In addition, we foster dogs for a rescue society; we feed, train, and house Pet Orphans dogs, until they are adopted by a permanent home. This is, of course, in addition to our own dogs. See my Puppies page for more details & pictures.

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