copyright 2002 Gabriel Billington Greetings. If you don't know me personally, visiting this page will probably be a waste of your time. It's designed so that my family and my friends can stay close, even though the world separates us with physical distance. Therefore, it's mostly about me--and now also my husband. (Yeeps! I'm married!)

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My current project

Ride, March 7 2004

Pics from Feb 2004

Rolling Horse

Teaching Duchess to Drive


March 6, 2003.

o I give in; I got a livejournal account. I'm

Let me know if you have one, if you want to. I'll be updating lj instead of my webpage from now on, I suppose.

o the Dogs

o the Horses:
Pretty Kat on a pretty day
Pretty Kat being awfully cute and cuddly

Less recently posted pages:
o A bunch of pictures of me and my husband(!)
o Gabriel and Brandii at a[n SCA] demo at the Warminster library; link here.
o Amber graduated from 8th grade; see pics!
o Happy First Anniversary, Gabriel and Brandii!
o Pictures/movies of the river valley near the Billingtons in CA.
o Dad, Maryam and Amber playing with a few miniature horses.

o We (I and one of my boarders) went to a little horse show on May 18.
We had lots of fun!
See it here.

o Leetle horse show 10-19-02:
Sorry about the quality of the pics; it's a reflection of the quality of the camera.

Even older stuff:
o It snowed today! (12-19-00). Sure, it was only a paltry 2inches or so, but it was still snow--and the doggies' first experience with it!
See us & doggies playing in snow :)
o See pictures from our wedding weekend and during our honeymoon.
o Pics from our wedding,
and from Laurene's wedding.

o Family Pictures. Assorted pictures I happened to have...some of you might like to see.
o Here are also some significant dates I happened to have written down, organized by month.
o Assorted Other Stuff.
o Scattered images from emails

Just for kicks, my resume.
Resume/summary of my experience with horses.

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